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GDG DevFest Mbale and Busitema 2015

GDG DevFest Mbale and Busitema 2015 is a large community - run event that will offer several tech talks and code labs on both Cloud/Web and Mobile/Android which will prepare developers in the region with knowledge and skill on how they will build for the next Billion users. This will be an all day event hosted by GDG Mbale at Wash and Will Hotel in Mbale on 07 November 2015 starting at 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Previous Events

Android August 2015 inspired by Google IO
This is two day hands on event targeting both beginners and intermediate developers on Android. Day one has two tracks beginner track where beginners will follow the Android beginner course(adapted from the Udacity beginner course) and the intermediate track where developers will learn more about performance (Still adapted from the Android performance course at Udacity). Day two has majorly four guided code labs and two video reviews from Google IO 2015. There is a cool prize for the best participant to finish all code labs in the best time and there is a cool prize for a woman how does best in the hands on session in the beginner track.

Study Jams

tudy Jams bring you the Android Fundamentals Course which blends theory and practice to help you build great apps the right way. In the study Jams, you'll work with instructors, step-by-step, to build an Android app, and learn best practices of mobile development in general and Android development in particular. There will be cool stuff to be won and best of all, a course completion certificate from Udacity for a few of those who will complete the course on time (Not a Must)! .Women are highly encouraged to join.The study Jam in Mbale will begin on 07/02/2015. Our tentative venue is Mbale resort Hotel. Starting at 08:00 hrs
Before filling this form, first sign up at this link then come back here to fill this form
Then come back to fill the form here

Please note that you should be highly self motivated to gain from this course. We will have study jam session for 6 week and you will have to work on a real world project where you will apply the knowledge learnt from the course in order qualify for a verified certificate. Given the nature of the course, we have limited slots and we might have to do some sort of selection so keep fingers crossed :-)

GDG DevFest Mbale 2014 ( Mini Android Hackathon )

GDG Mbale is proud to bring you this year’s GDG DevFest on 25 October, 2014 at Almaz Motel located in Nkoma, Mbale starting 8:00 am and ending at 6:00 pm. GDG Mbale made three years in September. It is time we started reaping what we have sowed for the last three years especially in the mobile space. This DevFest is going to be special, we are having a mini Hackathon, so we invite students and professional to solve real society challenges in the fields of health, education, productivity and entertainment. Register for this event only when you are ready to be part of a team, minimum two and maximum five members. The team members will conceive an idea of their choice in one of the fields mentioned above and then design and develop a mobile application that will give a solution to their identified problem/challenge. The best app developed during the Hackathon basing on its originality, implementation and suitability, a prize will be given :-)
Those with apps that they wish to showcase, will, but during the Hackafair after the mini hackathon. 
We believe this GDG DevFest will help students and developers alike to advance their knowledge on the android platform hence prepare them to give more solution to society problem on mobile devices given that fact that there are more smart phones in people’s hands than computers in our societies.

We strongly believe that the future is mobile. We know the current trends of growing mobile penetration across African. As developers, you should be equipped and ready to ship cool apps that will take advantage of the high computation power possessed by the devices in peoples’ pockets without compromising mobility but rather changing lives. 
Folks, we are having an Android Boot Camp on 13 Sept 2014 at Almaz Motel starting at 09:00AM upto 6:00PM. We strongly invite those who wish to get their hands dirty with design tools and code in order to have an android application in at most 6 hours.
We gave developer kits, those who need can get in touch with any of the folks on the lead team or comment on this event and we can get intouch
Please we strongly need those with laptops and are  ready to hack Android.
Accept our invitation on Google+ page, you can also find us on Facebook too!

To get you inspired by the tech world's latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs to create simple, life-improving technologies and viable businesses among a rich and diverse community of cutting edge developers, join GDG Mbale on the 25 for a live stream Google I/O Keynote and other cool sessions. Photos

Google strives to cultivate a wholly inclusive technology industry around the Mbale. A key component of that vision is empowering women to pursue their dreams and build tools that change the world. We believe that when organizations create the right environments, programs and policies, women in technology can thrive. That’s why, in conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8th, GDG Mbale supported by Google will participate in global Women Techmakers events geared towards increasing visibility, community and resources for technical women in our industry. The events will feature panel discussions with female technology leaders, hands-on career-planning workshops, networking opportunities, and more. GDG Mbales event will take place on 22 March 2014 at Shine on Hotel. Photos 

A Map Up is an event in which a group of people come together to improve the places they know and love on Google Maps by using Google Map Maker. This Map Ups can focus on the map of a neighborhood focusing Businesses, Restaurants, malls and other interesting. This will take place on 15 Feb at Mbale Resort Hotel starting 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM. Check it out on Google + for photos

Dart helps you build modern web apps with a new language, core libraries, and tools such as a package manager, editor, and a compiler to JavaScript. At the Dart Flight School Mbale there will be a lot of tech talks and code labs to get you up to speed using Angular with Dart for extra jet fuel. We will also have a hack-thon after a month where developers will do and show case their modern web apps developed with Angular and Dart to solve community challenges in Mbale. Photos on Google+

Google IO 2013
Google IO 2013
GDG Mbale is proud to Extend to you Google IO 2013.

Google IO (Input Output) is an Event showcasing the latest innovations and upgrades by Google to Web,Mobile, Social Media Technologies.

GDG Mbale will be streaming the Google IO straight from  Moscone Center, California to its members on 15th May.

We shall be streaming the Keynote session (do not dare miss it), from KAYIRA Complex.

Come and socialise with fellow developers, be inspired and enjoy our Tech hospitality; there will be free Internet and snacks. )

Follow our  G+, Facebook page for more details.

Please Register from here

 First come, first serve. Hurry up while there are still slots!


5:00-5:15              ARRIVAL

5:15-5:30              PRESENTION FROM GDG member SUDI K.


5:40-6:10              SOCIALISE WITH GDG MBALE  ON G+ & Facebook

6:10-6:20              HANG OUT WITH HASSAN

6:20-6:45              SNACKS

6:45-7:00              SPEECH FROM DERRICK AND IRENE

7:00-8:45              IO KEYNOTE STREAMING

8:45-8:50              HIGHLIGHTS FROM HASSAN IN IO

8:50-9:00              CLOSURE

GDG Barcamp Mbale and Tororo

This is a large Developer Driven Event. There will be speaker sessions, Code labs  about Android and Google Apps API. We wish to give you a soft touch on how to develop for Android and how to use various Google APIs on the world's first class and widely use mobile device platform. On this event there will be demos of some app that were submitted for Africa Android Challenge.

It will take place at Maisha Africa Hotel in Mbale on the 27 April 2013 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
As usual Google will cater for the Swag, food and refreshments while Alcatel onetouch will cater for the Andriod Device for the winning app in the African Android Challenge.
The event details on Google Plus are here:
There are limited slot so register asap!

MapUP Mbale

As it is continuing effort to have more people, places and businesses online, GDG Mbale is organizing a MapUP event in Mbale on 15 Dec 2012 at Viola Inn from 09:00 - 16:00 local time. Places and businesses to be put on Google Maps include Mbale Municipality and the three divisions( Central, Wanale and Northern Division). The items of interest include: Schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, places of worship, institutions( e.g Universities, colleges...), Super markets etc. You can sharpen your mapping skill here as you get ready for the event by following the link below. To get sharpen your mapping skill click here! Success applicants will be notified by email and or SMS.

Registration is done here!

You should Identify about 20 businesses to up on Google maps then.


GDG DevFest Mbale is here!

We’re happy to announce that we are planning our 1st ever event here in Mbale! It will take place on the 06 October 2012 at Kayira complex hotel.

Starting 8:00 am to 6:30pm.

Get details here!

G|Uganda 3.0

The Google team is thrilled to announce its third annual g|Uganda, happening September 7-8 in Kampala. They're looking forward to engaging with this growing community of developers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are as passionate about technology.

Fore more information please visit the G|Uganda 3.0 site here!

This is the first event we going to have under our new name (GDG Mbale) and it is going to introduce developers to cloud computing and the use of Google Drive API, SDK and Google Apps Script. It is going to be an introduction so whether you have ever built a web app or not, we welcome you with great pleasure. Due to limited slots, you will have to register.

Click here to register for this event!

Date: 14 July 2012

Venue: IUIU (main campus) , Science Lab1

Time: 14:00hrs - 18:00hrs

Google Apps Developer Challenge and Google IO

As we prepare to adopt a new name of Google Developer Group from Google Technology user group, we have one last event on 29 June 2012 under the old name of  Mbale GTUG. 

This event will be a platform to let you know more about the Google Apps Developer Challenge and Live streams of Google IO 2012. 

Event details:

Date: 29 June 2012

Time: 14:00 - 18:00 hrs.

Registration for the Event is done here !

There might be cool staff for grubs like nice Google IO swag!

Mbale GDG Second meet - Android Hands On
Event details:

Location: Islamic University In Uganda
Date: 29 Oct. 2011
Time: 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
For those whose development environment is not set please set it up by making use of the links provided in the first event (above). For the ADT Plugin see below.

 Watch a YouTube video how to set your development environment  on windows here

The first Mbale GDG event - Introduction to Android 
Event details:
Location: Islamic University in Uganda, Alhijji Block
Date: 30 Sept. 2011
Time: 16:30 hrs - 18:30 hrs
To be prepared for this event, one should have their development environment set and ready to go by ensuring that they have the following :

 See you there!

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