GDG DevFest Mbale and Busitema 2015 is a large community - run two track event that will offer several tech talks and code labs on both Cloud/Web and Mobile/Android which will prepare developers in the region with knowledge and skill on how they will build for the next Billion users. This will be an all day event hosted by GDG Mbale and GDG Busitema at Crown Suits Hotel in Mbale on 07 November 2015 starting at 8:00am to 6:00pm. The agenda is on the right bellow. Please fill the form bellow to book a slot. We will be sending out emails and or sms to confirm slots. 
The event will have a lot of hands on sessions and material meant for serious developers and those with much zeal to learn and innovate for the web and mobile platforms. There will a lot of Swag for those who will be awesome at the event, just relax, Google has catered for that.

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